GAZA, the new Holocaust

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

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I came by this picture on Facebook from one of my friend’s wall and I couldn’t comment on it whereby we could clearly see a mother talking to her son for the last time before she died.

During the last hours, many countries have been telling Isreal to stop the attack on those harmless people in Gaza but they kept on bombarding and killing those innocent people. Why the USA till now has not utter a word till now while this nation who has got onto the land of Palestine is killing or committing a state genocide? They do not listen to the UN nor to the EU and kept on. Where are the international troops?


Mauritius, the paradise on earth

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I recently made some research regarding some tourism destination and to tell you frankly, you just don’t know what to choose.  There are so many beautiful countries with amazing landscapes but I’d like to say that I prefer those little islands where it seems that time has stop ticking.

There is one though which has attracted most of my attention is Mauritius, or Ile Maurice in French.  It is a small island of 787 Square miles, very small you would say; but the tremendous history that this country holds is simply incredible!

It is an island discovered by the Dutch, later abandoned by them, then the French came over since they own the neighbouring island, Reunion Island.  They colonised the island and made the famous capital of Port Louis, named after one of their King.  Then in 1810, the British came over and took over the island after one of the fiercest naval battal ever engaged in the history of those two nations.

The British abolised slavery which was present in Mauritius in great amount whereby the Mount Le Morne Braband (refer to picture) lots of slaves flee and committed suicided.  This place is now classified as a World Heritage by the UNESCO.

After slavery, the Biritish brought over Indentured Labourer from India and they populated the island mainly from Hindu, Muslim cast.  The population consists also of Chinese, European and African communities also.  Since the Island holds a majority of people from the Indian diapora, it is considered as the little sister of the big India.  What facinates me is how all these communities leave in peace and harmony together.  Also, it inspired great French writer to write famouse books based on the island namely Paul et Virginnie among others.  There is a saying which stated that God created Mauritius first, then based himself on the output to make Paradise…

The island is reputed for its famous beaches and sceneries although the cost to spend a holiday overthere is quite expensive but fortunately there are low cost hotels which does provide good quality hospitality but they are not that visible over the net.  So, to look for them is really a pain in the ass.

The people are really nice and what’s incredible is that they can speak many languages.  So, if someone who speaks either French or English won’t get any difficulties in communicating with them and the official currency is the Mauritius Rupees.  The Exchange rate is approximately $1=Re30.00

So, if anyone has been on this island, they could leave some interesting comments.

Local song is the sega which is really grate.

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You can check out more about this country at

George W. Bush Under Shoes Attack!!!

Something that is simply not common nowadays especially involving the President of the United States is when he is being assaulted with a pair of shoes.  Fortunately W. got great reflex! lol

The Very First Post

Hi People.

I welcome you to this blog whereby you will have all the Rapidshare links for all the Shows, Sitcoms, Movies that are being aired and played on TV and Cinemas actually.  I myself, I have had difficulties in the past to get hold of these links and as you know to go and look into those forums can become a pain in the ass reaching a certain point.  So, to facilitate everything, I expect and count on you guys, to participate and bring in those interesting links that can be a great help to all those internet savvy who are just impatient to wait for something on TV.

Have a nice stay and your comments, ratings of the programmes, shows, etc are EXPECTED 🙂