Madhubala, the Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood

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This is the actress that stays an iconic and most respected figure in the Indian Film Industry. She is considered as the Marilyn Monroe of India.  Her movies is considered to have shaped the Indian Cinema especially the mega and legendary movie Mughal e Azam whereby you can watch the song Pyar Kiya Tho Darna Kya which due to the heavy physical strain to film this movie have deteriorated her health as she had a hole in the heart.  Few people knew of her health problems. She died at the age of 36.  This performance below if a legendary piece of art.


Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

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Jason Mraz is causing havoc in the music industry with his single I’m Yours.  Can it be voted the best song of the year 2008.  Give us your impression by voting.

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George W. Bush Under Shoes Attack!!!

Something that is simply not common nowadays especially involving the President of the United States is when he is being assaulted with a pair of shoes.  Fortunately W. got great reflex! lol